David Blanchflower is economics editor of the New Statesman and professor of economics at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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03 February 2012
George Osborne has been hoisted by his own petard. The jury has returned its verdict on appropriate macroeconomic...
UK Politics
19 January 2012
Don't be fooled
19 January 2012
It's bad news for Dave.{C} David Cameron has pushed for a new measure of well-being as part of his Big Society...
09 January 2012
Why I'm voting Newt
03 January 2012
A year ago, the Financial Times asked economists for their views on how the economy would develop.Of particular...
01 December 2011
The mess that the economy is in was predictable from the moment this economically naive coalition government took...
25 November 2011
The coalition continues to talk down the problem of youth unemployment, which has hit the million mark, or 21.9 per...
22 November 2011
A lesson for Cameron
18 November 2011
So, the latest excuse for what is ailing the British economy is the crisis in the eurozone; it's always somebody else's...
11 November 2011
Contrary to the coalition government's spin, the economy was recovering nicely under the last Labour government.{C...
09 November 2011
I am really hoping that one of these mornings I am going to wake up to some good economic news. But today was...
04 November 2011
Your humble correspondent has been busy. I was in Bonn, Germany, for meetings and then I headed to New York on one of...
Economics blog
02 November 2011
What priorities as the world economy slows?
22 October 2011
Youth unemployment around the world is growing apace and young people are starting to be heard, with hundreds of...