David Blanchflower is economics editor of the New Statesman and professor of economics at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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08 August 2012
The case for investment.
Economics blog
24 May 2012
Our economics editor gives his verdict
UK Politics
23 May 2012
Now he must row back
02 May 2012
The grim reality of UK plc.
18 April 2012
It's time for a heavyweight.
United Kingdom
03 April 2012
Creating mayhem is unlikely to be a sustainable, long-run industrial relations strategy. The government already has...
21 March 2012
Our part-time chancellor's last chance
16 March 2012
Over the last year 44,000 more public sector jobs have been lost than private sector jobs created. In two posts over...
17 February 2012
The biggest news on the economy recently was the decision by the credit rating agency Moody's to place the UK on "...
10 February 2012
David Smith has once again responded to my comments. This is becoming rather dull and I am not going to respond to his...
09 February 2012
It hasn't been a great week or so for the government. There was that reversal of the veto that wasn't a veto on Europe...
06 February 2012
David Smith responded to my most recent New Statesman column in not unexpected ways.I have no wish to engage in a war...