David Allen Green is legal correspondent of the New Statesman and author of the Jack of Kent blog.

His legal journalism has included popularising the Simon Singh libel case and discrediting the Julian Assange myths about his extradition case.  His uncovering of the Nightjack email hack by the Times was described as "masterly analysis" by Lord Justice Leveson.

David is also a solicitor and was successful in the "Twitterjoketrial" appeal at the High Court.

(Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice.)

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David Allen Green
26 October 2011
Closing the doors
UK Politics
25 October 2011
Yesterday, 111 Members of Parliament voted against parliamentary sovereignty. In speech after speech, and in the voting...
19 October 2011
Our society not only tolerates the sort of people who want to wear uniforms and want to use weapons against civilians,...
David Allen Green
04 October 2011
The cat myth
Human Rights
30 September 2011
The Iranian Christian Yuseuf Nadarkhani still awaits the decision as to whether he will be hanged for apostasy.The...
Human Rights
29 September 2011
Yesterday it was reported that Yousef Nadarkhani faced the death penalty in Iran unless, on the fourth and final...
Human Rights
28 September 2011
Yousef Nadarkhani is a Christian pastor living in Iran, and it is reported that he is about to be hanged.He had a...
27 September 2011
Yesterday it was reported that Paul Thompson was sent to prison for two months, just for taking a photograph in court...
Star Spangled Staggers
21 September 2011
Troy Davis is due to be killed by officials of the State of Georgia in only a matter of hours. He will be strapped down...
David Allen Green
15 September 2011
A false and malicious identity is admitted. A couple of months or so ago, my friend Nick Cohen sent me a draft of a...
David Allen Green
08 September 2011
The High Court will hear the appeal of Paul Chambers against his conviction on 10 November 2011. The appeal by case...
UK Politics
06 September 2011
Earlier today, before the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport, four men sat and answered questions.The men...
05 September 2011
Clive Goodman wrote a couple of letters to News International back in March 2007. They were published last month when...
David Allen Green
18 August 2011
News is breaking that Glenn Mulcaire has lodged a claim at the High Court against News Corporation.Details of the claim...
David Allen Green
11 August 2011
After four days the riots seem now to have petered out. The disorder may happen again, perhaps this evening. We do not...