David Allen Green is legal correspondent of the New Statesman and author of the Jack of Kent blog.

His legal journalism has included popularising the Simon Singh libel case and discrediting the Julian Assange myths about his extradition case.  His uncovering of the Nightjack email hack by the Times was described as "masterly analysis" by Lord Justice Leveson.

David is also a solicitor and was successful in the "Twitterjoketrial" appeal at the High Court.

(Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice.)

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David Allen Green
19 February 2011
Today, lots of well-meaning people will stand in the rain and drizzle to protest against a profitable bank. This is the...
David Allen Green
15 February 2011
A lesson in libel
David Allen Green
14 February 2011
There is nothing wrong with wedding ceremonies, for those who want to do that sort of thing. Ceremonies could be...
David Allen Green
10 February 2011
Today the House of Commons is debating prisoner votes. However, many of the MPs opposing votes for prisoners are...
David Allen Green
03 February 2011
Libel threat
28 January 2011
In its early years, the last Labour government passed a sequence of what may be called "constitutional statutes...
27 January 2011
One of the interesting questions raised by the developing scandal into the use of phone-tapping by tabloid reporters...
26 January 2011
Two Christians are to appeal for the right to turn couples away from inns. It is reported that in making this appeal...
UK Politics
25 January 2011
Rise and fall
David Allen Green
21 January 2011
Dominic Mohan is now editor of the Sun, and in 2002 he was editing its showbusiness column.In the Guardian on 1 May...
The Staggers
20 January 2011
TweetEdward Woollard was a bloody idiot who could well have killed somebody. However, this should not mean that he...
The Staggers
18 January 2011
Today's European Court of Human Rights decision in the Naomi Campbell case is a mixed result for the mainstream media...
The Staggers
12 January 2011
Sarah Tonner has written a moving and measured piece on the Guardian's website about the issues of free speech and...
The Staggers
11 January 2011
History lessons?
The Staggers
05 January 2011
One day last July, Michael Thompson was driving in his car in Grimsby. He noticed a mobile speed camera. He also saw...