Daniel Trilling is the Editor of New Humanist magazine. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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The Staggers
10 July 2011
As the 168-year-old Sunday paper appears on the shelves for the last time, here's a reminder that it's not only...
Cultural Capital
06 July 2011
The American painter Cy Twombly has died at the age of 83. Last night, the art dealer Larry Gagosian paid tribute to...
The Staggers
26 June 2011
23 June 2011
“If a rich man wants to help the poor," wrote Clement Attlee in 1920, "he should pay his taxes gladly,...
02 June 2011
Alexander Baron's novels, wrote Ken Worpole in the NS in January this year, "illuminate those places and...
12 May 2011
Ryan Gilbey has said all there is to say for the moment about Terrence Malick (page 40), whose long-awaited Tree of...
The Staggers
28 March 2011
On Saturday, about half a million people took action in response to the coalition government's public-sector spending...
24 March 2011
A couple of hundred politically engaged and enthusiastic twentysomethings pack out a lecture hall in central London....
The Staggers
27 February 2011
On the rise?
Cultural Capital
16 February 2011
Brit winner
Cultural Capital
22 January 2011
The sculptor Antony Gormley, interviewed for the NS by Samira Shackle, speaks out against the government's cuts to arts...
The Staggers
12 December 2010
In today's Observer, Richard Grayson, a former Liberal Democrat director of policy, reveals the deep anger among the...
The Staggers
12 December 2010
In an interview with today's Observer, the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, accuses the BBC of having a left-wing bias...
Cultural Capital
10 December 2010
John Pilger is a journalist, documentary maker and New Statesman columnist. His new film, "The War You Don't See...
The Staggers
02 December 2010
Here's a message, sent this afternoon by the NS columnist John Pilger to students involved in protests and sit-ins...