Daniel Trilling is the Editor of New Humanist magazine. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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Music and Performance
18 June 2009
Sonic Youth
21 May 2009
Stoke fights back
Cultural Capital
24 April 2009
Your new film, Encounters at the End of the World, is a documentary about Antarctica. You say you were inspired by some...
UK Politics
26 February 2009
The Specials, “Ghost Town” (1981)In 1980, the Birmingham ska band the Beat pointed to urban decay with...
19 February 2009
Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: a Confidential ReportIain SinclairHamish Hamilton, 480pp, £20 Hackney, it must be...
UK Politics
22 January 2009
On 10 January, I demonstrated in London alongside an estimated 50,000 others to register my disgust at Israel's assault...
Music and Performance
22 January 2009
In his cultural history England Is Mine, Michael Bracewell traces the development of the English outsider as an...
18 December 2008
This was the year the London-born rapper and singer Estelle finally found the stardom she had worked towards for so...
30 October 2008
Here's a question that has no doubt been nagging Alistair Darling for weeks: what effect will the unfurling recession...
Music and Performance
23 October 2008
Crash. Tinkle. Boom. Sorry, BOOM. "This one's going out to my students struggling in education to get a qualification...
TV and Radio
16 October 2008
Old Radio 4 programmes never die. They just retire to a sleepy digital backwater known as BBC7. Its mainstays are...
09 October 2008
It's a Wednesday, and for Robert Wyatt, the musician and songwriter whose compositions mix intricate sound-worlds with...
28 August 2008
To understand pop's current mood, it is necessary first to take a step back in time. In 1994, Blur conjured an...
21 August 2008
Does British pop still provide a space for misfits? It's a question that has been raised this summer by the re-...
Music and Performance
07 August 2008
It's a summery Tuesday evening and the crowds on Brick Lane, hipster heartland of the East End of London, are out in...