Daniel Trilling is the Editor of New Humanist magazine. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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The Staggers
14 December 2012
Avoid tired stereotypes.
12 December 2012
On the left lapel of Jean-Luc Mélenchon's suit jacket is a small red badge; a triangle shape. He wears it,...
12 December 2012
A warning from Athens.
27 September 2012
In August, I reported from Rochdale on the fall-out from the child grooming scandal - in which a gang of child abusers...
20 September 2012
How the far right gained a foothold.
The Staggers
10 September 2012
He's upset about a 75% tax rate.
15 August 2012
“Just because we live here, it doesn’t alter our standards in morals,” Tom says as he hands me a...
Cultural Capital
11 July 2012
A former neo-Nazi speaks out
23 May 2012
In 1947 a washed-out summer had followed a harsh winter, and Britain was in the grip of recession as it struggled to...
The Staggers
09 May 2012
It was an unwelcome echo of Europe’s past: as black-clad henchmen barked instructions at journalists, ejecting...
The Staggers
26 April 2012
Why does a Labour MP think it is in the interests of his constituents to attack eastern Europeans?
UK Politics
18 April 2012
The “counter-jihad” movement's dark origins.
30 March 2012
On 20 March, with a serial killer still at large, President Nicolas Sarkozy addressed a group of children at a middle...
The Staggers
11 March 2012
An Iraq moment?
01 December 2011
Dream ticket?