07 March 2011
And angry with Ed
UK Politics
04 March 2011
Mrs Duffy has won. Searchlight Educational Trust's report into race, migration and identity, published on Monday, is...
28 February 2011
Dull? You think the AV referendum campaign is dull? It's only been going for a fortnight and we've already had vile...
23 February 2011
Iron Ed in control
18 February 2011
Another week, another U-turn. The privatisation of our national woodland has been postponed. The prospect of the O2...
14 February 2011
It's official: New Labour is teetering on the edge of extinction. Staff at the party's Victoria Street headquarters...
11 February 2011
Ed Miliband's plans to reorganise his party's support structures have been rebuffed by Labour MPs after they were each...
07 February 2011
By train, coach and car, they came. To Luton, birthplace of the English Defence League. A journey home.As they...
04 February 2011
In praise of
UK Politics
02 February 2011
Lay off Murdoch
28 January 2011
Forget Miliband v Cameron or Balls v Osborne. Susan Nash against Christine Quigley is the political battle to watch.On...
26 January 2011
There are two ways of viewing the announcement that Labour is about open its ranks to "an army of 10,000 community...
24 January 2011
Conservative Party supporters have "placed a bounty" on the head of Ed Miliband's spin doctor Tom Baldwin,...
24 January 2011
Cylon Smith is causing a stir. Or rather my article earlier this month on Ed Miliband's new cyber-spinner Alex Smith...
21 January 2011
The first emotion was shock. Resignations remind politicians of their own professional mortality, and this one had the...