02 May 2011
When Labour councillors toast their election success this Thursday evening, they should raise a special glass to Alex...
28 April 2011
The comeback kid?
25 April 2011
Blairism today
19 April 2011
Why hasn't the FA sacked Fabio Capello? I don't mean for his team's poor performances on the pitch, his staggeringly...
14 April 2011
If you burn a Quran you should go to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £100.Sorry if that sounds a bit intolerant....
11 April 2011
Yesterday I had a browse of the Sunday job sections. I was looking not just at any old position, but senior blue-chip...
07 April 2011
OK, it was me. I admit it. I shot Bambi. Or the contemporary political equivalent.I was the one behind the AV baby ad....
04 April 2011
Is it me, or is the sheen starting to come off the New Politics? Obviously I've got a bit of an agenda. What with all...
01 April 2011
This week Ed Balls was formally appointed chief executive of the Labour Party. He has a board and a chairman to answer...
29 March 2011
The Labour leadership has moved quickly to dampen speculation that a new section within the party's electoral college...
28 March 2011
On Saturday the Labour movement played its trump card. By conservative estimates, a quarter of a million people joined...
25 March 2011
Ditched by the Star?
UK Politics
22 March 2011
Expect no surprises
19 March 2011
Statesman or showman?
11 March 2011
Under fire