27 June 2012
Former journalist is making an impact.
UK Politics
13 June 2012
It's all-round compulsory happy time.
UK Politics
28 September 2011
Ed Miliband said before he arrived in Liverpool he wanted to re-write the political rulebook. Yesterday, he succeeded....
UK Politics
27 September 2011
Followers of Millwall football club have a favourite chant. "No one likes us", they sing, "but we don't...
26 September 2011
Jon Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, was once asked by an interviewer if he had ever looked to "the man in the street...
25 September 2011
Miliband and Nader
19 September 2011
Balls must go
18 September 2011
Did Movement for Change cost David Miliband the leadership election? According to the soon to be published Tangled Up...
14 September 2011
On the surface today's Times/Populus poll makes grim reading. Sixty three per cent of voters say they find it hard to...
08 September 2011
9/11 changed nothing. Obviously for the victims, and their families, it changed everything, for ever. But in...
03 September 2011
Let the EDL march
UK Politics
31 August 2011
Read it in full
28 August 2011
What an utter disaster. The military intervention in Libya hasn't ended in disaster.What are we to do? There are Arabs...