Daniel Harkin is a philosophy teacher in south London. He runs the blog, Regno del Fines, which aims to give a Kantian view of current affairs. He lives in Peckham, which is very nice, and drinks a lot of coffee. Most of his ambitions involve libraries.

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29 February 2008
Epicurus died due to a problem with his bladder and so would have done so in great pain. Oddly he didn’t try to find a...
27 February 2008
Kant was a regular guy. I mean, he wasn't ordinary. No, not in the least. Just very… regular. And he would be...
26 February 2008
So – some Nazis knock on your door. You’re pretty worried because, like any good New Statesman reader at this time (or...
25 February 2008
So – a bunch of rabbis are nattering and debating about whether a particular type of oven can transmit impurity. All of...