01 August 2011
The Outward Room Millen BrandNYRB Classics, 304pp, $14.95Eighty years on from their Depression-era heyday, most of the...
28 October 2010
A quarter of a century dead, the posthumous Philip Larkin seems far more prolific than his flesh-and-blood original....
05 October 2010
The people in these nine stories tend to be rapt, industrious solitaries, anxious to maintain personal autonomy at all...
26 April 2010
Peter Davison's contribution to Orwell studies is not often enough celebrated. It began over a quarter of a century ago...
12 March 2010
Golden ages are rarely worth the chasing, but if one wanted an optimal era for British rock journalism, it would...
08 October 2009
Men of letters
28 May 2009
Orwell and the 1930s
06 February 2006
To publish a novel after a lapse of five years is to be brought smack up to date with the changing face of the British...
26 September 2005
Arguably the most significant thing about Zadie Smith's On Beauty, whose subject might be summarised as "what it means...
28 March 2005
This book illustrates with a rather ominous clarity some of the difficulties facing any intelligent person who sits...
13 December 2004
About ten years ago, together with Jonathan Coe and James Wood, I took part in one of those "Whither the novel?"...
29 November 2004
An early 1970s Penguin "best of" selection with a sharp-eyed foreword by Doris Lessing, Dusky Ruth turned up on my...
02 February 2004
Thursday 22 January. Five days to go now until the Whitbread Book of the Year dinner, which I am bidden to attend with...
24 November 2003
Back to Norwich in the small hours after a weekend trip to the Chicago Humanities Festival. Overseas tours don't come...
16 December 2002
Harry Hoff (this was the baptismal name of the novelist William Cooper) died three months ago at the advanced age of 92...