Cultural Capital
20 February 2014
A Finger in the Fishes Mouth.
19 September 2012
Colin MacCabe on "Joseph Anton: a Memoir".
05 September 2012
Saussure John E Joseph Oxford University Press, 800pp, £30 In 1906, the University of Geneva was faced, at...
26 September 2011
It is three decades since, in the summer of 1981, I "came down" from Cambridge after 14 years, having gone up...
01 August 2011
Citizen Cannes: the Man Behind the Cannes Festival Gilles JacobPhaidon, 384pp, £19.95The first Cannes film festival was...
02 June 2011
The word "sketch" entered the English language from the Dutch towards the end of the 17th century. From the...
06 January 2011
Green's Dictionary of Slang (in three volumes) Jonathon GreenChambers, 6,085pp, £295Jonathon Green is a hack, perhaps...
04 November 2010
Between his own publication of Tristes tropiques in 1955 and Jacques Derrida's publication of De la grammatologie in...
06 August 2010
Tony Tanner was the greatest talker of all the literary critics I have known. His hands working like a virtuoso...
27 May 2010
Antoine de Baecque is the leading historian of postwar French cinema. His two-volume history of the journal Cahiers du...
21 February 2008
The making of Derek began nearly 18 years ago, in March 1990. I was skiing in America when the Independent telephoned...