Clive Stafford Smith is legal director of the charity Reprieve and has spent more than 20 years representing prisoners on Death Row in the United States. More recently he has represented many of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

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International Politics
04 July 2012
What went wrong with American justice?
07 September 2011
Our team was in Lake Charles, Louisiana, preparing for a capital trial. That morning, I had an appointment, early, with...
05 March 2009
I took a walk in the countryside with Binyam Mohamed after his release from Gitmo. “I still think I might wake up...
UK Politics
12 February 2009
Binyam Mohamed was rendered by the CIA from Pakistan to Morocco to face 18 months of torture. Since the New Year he has...
29 January 2009
Before the place closes, I might have a couple more opportunities to get down to Guantanamo Bay. Nothing very much has...
Human Rights
05 June 2008
Readers of these pages may or may not know what the following three songs have in common: "Born in the USA" by Bruce...
Human Rights
10 April 2008
"There can be no right without a remedy." This legal aphorism was once thought to mean that if the law recognises your...
Human Rights
13 March 2008
These days at Reprieve, we seem to be doing much of our human rights work on the high street. In February, there was...
Human Rights
14 February 2008
Test your Guantanamo knowledge for your chance to win Agent Provocateur Guantanamo bikini briefs. Enter our competition...
International Politics
07 February 2008
According to legend, Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, is the oldest inhabited city on earth, established by one of the...
13 December 2007
It was against regulations, but some guards appeared on the prison block wearing silly red hats. The prisoners, I...
Human Rights
25 October 2007
I am beginning to wonder whether someone has a sense of humour down in Guantanamo Bay. I was visiting the base recently...
Human Rights
12 September 2007
I had two hours’ worth of coffee with Anita Roddick a couple of weeks before she died, and she was effervescing with...
Human Rights
23 August 2007
The Bush administration's "secret prison" strategy has been unravelling fast, not least at the flagship prison,...
International Politics
12 July 2007
As I flew in to Guantanamo Bay on a small commercial plane recently, I squinted out of the window. A grey aircraft...