Clare McNeil is a senior research fellow at IPPR.

Twitter: @claremcneil1

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The Staggers
31 January 2013
The debate about the lack of women in public life has been reignited by poor female representation at last week’s...
The Staggers
04 August 2012
In the dark, panic-fuelled days following last summer’s riots, David Cameron made a knee-jerk pledge to turn...
The Staggers
10 February 2012
It is cheap to reform, could help bring down inflation, increase household income and it's a vote winner. So reforming...
04 October 2010
There can be no doubting Iain Duncan-Smith's commitment to welfare reform. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions...
07 December 2009
The news that Jobcentre Plus is now the third most searched for term on the internet, beaten only by Big Brother and...