Chuka Umunna is the shadow business secretary and the Labour MP for Streatham.

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The Staggers
24 April 2013
Thatcherism's day has passed.
The Staggers
15 April 2013
Thank you for that introduction and thank you for inviting me here today. The importance of the City to British...
28 November 2012
Speech to the Association of British Insurers’ CEO Breakfast 28 November 2012, City of London Thank you for...
The Staggers
21 September 2012
These are tough times for one of the UK’s most successful and innovative sectors: retail. Whatever else we were...
17 July 2012
A decade ago, it would have been a joke to claim that the UK could become Europe’s second-biggest car-maker. No...
The Staggers
12 June 2012
Thank you to the IPPR for hosting this event. Your Commission on the Future of Higher Education is well timed given the...
UK Politics
12 March 2012
It's great to be back in Liverpool - in fact, it's my first time back since our Conference here last autumn.It's good...
UK Politics
29 February 2012
IntroductionIt is really wonderful to be back here at Exchange House - this is the first time I have been in the...
The Staggers
03 August 2010
Clegg's deception
UK Politics
30 August 2007
In three and a half years working for a corporate law firm in the City, I often worked ungodly hours, bleary-eyed, on...