Chuka Umunna is the shadow business secretary and the Labour MP for Streatham.

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26 May 2015
A whole lot of heavyweights.
The Staggers
03 May 2015
There he goes again.
The Staggers
03 April 2015
Reflections on the first week of the campaign.
The Staggers
10 October 2014
Opportunity and aspiration for every community.
The Staggers
08 September 2014
Pro-worker, pro-business.
The Staggers
07 July 2014
It falls short.
The Staggers
24 June 2014
Specialism and growth.
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27 May 2014
We were not prepared to allow Britain's science base to be put at risk.
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05 March 2014
"Business and society - we need each other."
03 December 2013
Thank you so much. It’s a great honour to speak here tonight.   With the support of your colleagues on the...
UK Politics
19 November 2013
Speech to the Association of Convenience Stores Heart of the Community Conference in London I was so pleased to be...
The Staggers
31 October 2013
31 October 2013 - Herbert Smith Freehills, London   Introduction   As ever, it’s...
The Staggers
29 June 2013
This is the full text of Chuka Umunna's speech to the Cooperative Congress in Cardiff. Thank you very much for...
The Staggers
06 May 2013
As a result of George Osborne’s failed economic experiment, the government is set to borrow £245bn more...