Caroline Lucas is the MP for Brighton Pavilion and the leader of the Green Party.

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11 January 2008
After a lengthy period of dithering over the best way to satisfy Britain’s energy needs, the government has finally...
29 November 2007
If you ever thought UN Development Reports were dull statistical tomes, full of little more than dry facts and figures...
UK Politics
09 August 2007
News that foot-and-mouth disease had returned to British shores was devastating for farmers. All the talk so far has...
International Politics
14 May 2007
At a cocktail reception on a balmy evening in East Jerusalem this past week, officials from the European Commission and...
UK Politics
15 January 2007
What's more likely to cause a breach of the peace - sitting down in a road, or stockpiling 200 nuclear warheads, each...
27 November 2006
Surely it can't be that time of the month again, can it? I glare at my diary with the familiar sinking feeling that yet...