Caroline Lucas is the MP for Brighton Pavilion and the leader of the Green Party.

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14 February 2013
We demand real political action to end violence against women and girls.
The Staggers
20 June 2012
The disturbing increase in state-sanctioned surveillance in recent years has generated much public debate, with many...
The Staggers
16 May 2012
When members of the Green Party of England and Wales voted to create a formal leadership team back in 2007, it was a...
The Staggers
15 April 2012
Break the Big Six deadlock.
The Staggers
03 February 2011
Time for reform
The Staggers
21 December 2010
On direct action
02 September 2010
Labour's clones
09 December 2008
Environment Secretary Ed Miliband should be careful what he wishes for. No sooner had he told the Guardian that more...
UK Politics
16 October 2008
I'm writing this late on Wednesday - Blog Action Day 2008 - and bloggers all over the world are posting on the subject...
07 October 2008
After the bursting of the credit bubble in August, 2007 Alastair Darling repeatedly assured us that Britain’s ‘economic...
01 September 2008
I've applied for a new job, and next weekend the selection panel will deliver its judgement. I'm standing to be elected...
UK Politics
07 August 2008
This first of my regular blogs finds me between my campaign for Brighton Pavilion and protesting in...
International Politics
05 June 2008
In the European Parliament this week, I chaired an open seminar on the future of bullfighting in the EU. Although its...
02 May 2008
Any election count is a rollercoaster ride, and this one has been no different. But as the final results come in, the...
13 March 2008
After weeks of spin leading us to believe that we were going to see the most environmentally conscious budget ever,...