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03 January 2014
Can a film made for an audience of devoted fans ever be really good?
21 December 2013
Working hard on Christmas day.
19 December 2013
Let the Right One In Royal Court Theatre, London SW1 For those who like vampire stories, there have been plenty to...
05 December 2013
“I love and only love the fairer sex.”
28 November 2013
Why is Borgen such an international hit?
The Staggers
22 November 2013
Labour and the battle of ideas, 24-hour Tube journeys, and the end of the antibiotic age.
15 November 2013
The Conservatives' internet woes, Borgen, and the Large Hadron Collider.
Cultural Capital
13 November 2013
Beyond The Veil of the Temple.
07 November 2013
Iain Duncan Smith, TV, and new space-disaster film Gravity.
The Staggers
01 November 2013
Political gambles, career women from the 1950s and modular smartphones.
31 October 2013
Groundbreaking careers.
Cultural Capital
22 October 2013
The Great British Bake Off.
The Staggers
18 October 2013
Political polls, media diversity (or the lack of it) and the Coen Brothers in the New York.
01 October 2013
What you've been reading during yet another record month for the NS website.
Business blog
20 September 2013
Meet the lego device that has to have the last word.