Carl Packman is a writer, researcher and blogger. He is the author of the forthcoming book Loan Sharks to be released by Searching Finance. He has previously published in the Guardian, Tribune Magazine, The Philosopher's Magazine and the International Journal for Žižek Studies.

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21 November 2012
The legal loan sharks have been cautioned.
Economics blog
25 October 2012
The new financial regulator ought to have payday lenders in its remit.
Economics blog
04 October 2012
The government insists that there is enough regulation. They're wrong.
Economics blog
12 September 2012
Building societies and credit unions stand to benefit.
Economics blog
07 August 2012
The Bright Blue conference revealed some allies
Economics blog
31 July 2012
A year long, 300% APR loan? Great!
Economics blog
21 May 2012
And should they?
Economics blog
14 May 2012
Payday lenders can learn from credit unions
Economics blog
25 April 2012
Wonga can't regulate themselves
South America
11 August 2008
A concerted effort to destabilise the government of Bolivia's socialist president Evo Morales looks to have failed...
TV and Radio
05 August 2008
Richard Dawkins is at it again - trying to wean the non-converted away from religion this time in his examination of...