Carl Packman is a writer, researcher and blogger. He is the author of the forthcoming book Loan Sharks to be released by Searching Finance. He has previously published in the Guardian, Tribune Magazine, The Philosopher's Magazine and the International Journal for Žižek Studies.

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Business blog
20 September 2013
A recent report by the London Mutual Credit Union has given a real boost to the prospect of ensuring payday lending is...
Business blog
16 September 2013
Britain is not heading for a new economic disaster; it has sustained one long-term national and personal debt crisis....
Business blog
03 September 2013
But should they have them?
Business blog
20 August 2013
We're almost in Wongaland already, writes Carl Packman.
Business blog
25 July 2013
Information isn't enough: financial institutions have obligations.
Economics blog
11 July 2013
It's Monday 1 June, the government are under pressure to do something about the payday lending industry, a summit...
Business blog
03 April 2013
This government, the most radical in recent times, is laughing at us.
Economics blog
11 March 2013
Some positive, but largely symbolic, news.
Economics blog
04 March 2013
Payday lenders need to work harder to not target vulnerable borrowers.
Economics blog
15 February 2013
The first step to building a One Nation economy
07 January 2013
Civil society needs government to take over from payday lenders
Economics blog
18 December 2012
The payday loan company shows off about its algorithm, but lends to the same vulnerable people.
Economics blog
06 December 2012
The government agrees to act on payday lending.
The Staggers
28 November 2012
Tackling the legal loan sharks.