Cultural Capital
12 June 2014
A quiet renaissance.
16 January 2014
The market anarchy of the internet.
Business blog
28 November 2013
Is this the death of Apple?
28 February 2013
Apocalypse now.
07 February 2013
The Age of Entitlement.
06 December 2012
Inside the Centre: the Life of J Robert Oppenheimer Ray Monk Jonathan Cape, 832pp, £30 Behind the mushroom...
09 May 2012
Do we really want what it offers?
28 February 2012
Two atheists - John Gray and Alain de Botton - and two agnostics - Nassim Nicholas Taleb and I - meet for dinner at a...
31 October 2011
Two numbers from Apple Inc's recent quarterly results provide a cold but fitting memorial to the company's co-founder,...
27 April 2011
He has never read a book, he gets his news from the Daily Express and he likes only action movies. He believes in...
24 March 2011
I once tried to buy a shirt at Abercrombie & Fitch. It was clear the staff did not want to sell me anything. I...
13 January 2011
In June 2009, thousands of young Iranians took to the streets to protest against the rigged election keeping Mahmoud...
18 October 2010
During the recent protest march against the Pope in London, I noticed one sign which read "I believe in science...