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22 February 2013
Getting worse, not better.
11 October 2012
Drinking in the last-chance saloon.
16 January 2012
Are the media institutionally racist? The simple answer is yes, of course. As Jack Straw put it in 1999, any long-...
UK Politics
11 November 2009
Irish general elections don't tend to attract much attention in the British press, but when they do, you may count on...
29 January 2009
In 1971, when Florida State University offered a post to Paul Dirac, then 68 years old, the grumbling of some academic...
UK Politics
11 December 2008
Looking back, it is ironic that it should have been the Independent, now clinging on for life, that did so much to...
UK Politics
13 November 2008
You might think that Paul Dacre would be susceptible to delusions of grandeur. After all, his brilliantly crafted Daily...
23 October 2008
You may have missed it: at the High Court in London on 15 October, Express Newspapers agreed to pay £375,000 in libel...
UK Politics
09 October 2008
If ever you wanted proof that the news you read arrives through a white filter - that it is selected, reported, edited...
02 October 2008
Before the shock of the financial crisis wears off, parliament should take a small share of the public cash being...
UK Politics
25 September 2008
I am teaching some journalism history this term (an enterprise made much more practical and enjoyable by the arrival of...
18 September 2008
You might have read about the Newseum, the $450m (£251m) museum dedicated to news and journalism that opened in...
11 September 2008
Poor Michael Fish: the amiable chap in tweed who was already the author of the country's most notorious weather...
04 September 2008
In normal circumstances, there are few sins that the right-wing papers are not happy to pin on Sir Ian Blair. The...
UK Politics
28 August 2008
As I flicked back through my notebook, my eye fell on the words "TORIES IN TURMOIL". The Daily Mirror, Guardian and...