Bonnie Greer is a playwright, author, and the Chancellor of Kingston University.

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12 November 2013
The end of “Mom and Apple Pie America”.
28 August 2013
Fifty years after "I have a dream".
30 August 2010
Barack Obama was asked recently on American television why he does not refer to himself as mixed-race. His late mother...
17 September 2009
With The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood has in effect written a sequel to her 2003 Booker-shortlisted novel, Oryx...
International Politics
20 August 2009
Bonnie Greer
International Politics
28 February 2008
Last weekend I thought about ditching my idea of starting a support group for the handful of us of American birth and...
11 October 2007
I was born on the notorious West Side of Chicago. I first learned about sex not from my parents or the nuns at school,...
International Politics
21 February 2005
I was at school with a Gaston. I cannot recall now whether we were together at my primary school, which was run by a...
25 October 2004
Being an American expat has nev- er been harder. The minute you open your mouth you become, by default, a convenient...
14 April 2003
''Don't mention the war," I tell myself as I head out to meet my old friends Paul and Vicky, over from San Francisco....
International Politics
17 March 2003
This month of March is dedicated to the lives, achievements, the very existence of women - we marked International...
23 September 2002
A fine adaptation not only renders a literary work into watchable drama, but it can also illuminate the novel itself...
10 June 2002
The BBC has given the OK to a documentary I want to make called Reflecting Skin. Reflecting Skin looks at the black...
25 March 2002
Three black actors are up for the top acting prize at this year's Academy Awards. It should be a cause for rejoicing....
07 January 2002
There is no question that The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen is an important book, perhaps even a landmark one. But...