Bim Adewunmi writes about race, feminism and popular culture. Her blog is and you can find her on Twitter as @bimadew.

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Bim Adewunmi
19 September 2013
It is the story of us.
Bim Adewunmi
30 August 2013
Insidious double standard.
TV and Radio
15 August 2013
It was clear, from the day it was announced, that clearing airtime in order to unveil the new lead for a different,...
07 August 2013
A place to think.
Bim Adewunmi
25 July 2013
There was a moment in Dates on Channel 4 when Ellie (Montanna Thompson) asked her much older date David (Will Mellor)...
Bim Adewunmi
18 July 2013
The bedrock of today's shows.
Bim Adewunmi
04 July 2013
Comparisons are handy, but also vacuous.
Bim Adewunmi
27 June 2013
Give Big Brother a go.