Ben White is an activist and writer. His latest book is "Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy"

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International Politics
31 October 2008
In what is becoming somewhat of an annual tradition, recent weeks have seen dozens of stories in the international...
Middle East
07 August 2008
For the past fortnight, rumours have been circulating that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is considering a unilateral...
International Politics
22 May 2008
Bethlehem recently got a spring-clean. The frenzied rubbish collection and freshly painted road markings meant only one...
World Affairs
09 May 2008
Mothers with prams mixed with old men leaning on sticks, and groups of teenagers sang boisterously alongside those...
World Affairs
19 March 2008
I visited São Paulo for the first time two years ago, and I still remember that first drive from the airport to the...
10 January 2008
Last year, I experienced at first hand Israel's new-look occupation. Intending to cross into Israel from the northern...
14 February 2005
I have seen it several times in Cambridge, and my friends report seeing it in London: the black and white chequered...