Beatrix Campbell is a writer, broadcaster, campaigner and playwright.

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Cultural Capital
25 January 2013
Beyond the consensus.
10 March 2008
Senior Met police officer John Yates has spoken with unprecedented candour about the failure of policing to match the...
World Affairs
30 November 2007
Beauty with a purpose: the mantra of the Miss World competition – its excuse for putting sexism on parade. The winning...
UK Politics
05 July 2007
Everybody knows the Seven Towers - they're on the horizon as you leave Belfast city centre on your way heading north,...
UK Politics
16 April 2007
Shocking evidence is circling the desks of the police and the Home Office showing that many men reported to the police...
12 February 2007
Cleopatra had hers. Queen Elizabeth I had hers, too. And I've got mine - Molly Kay, a shy, sleek, blue, aerodynamic...
TV and Radio
13 March 2006
During the BBC's daring truth and reconciliation encounters, hosted by Desmond Tutu, Sylvia Hackett kept asking the...
20 June 2005
The man stands at the peak of the Black Mountain and his eyes scavenge the startling Mediterranean blue of the sky...