Asim Siddiqui is Chairman of the City Circle, which provides a place for British Muslim and non-Muslim communities to engage. More details can be found on He works as a forensic accountant.

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International Politics
04 June 2007
The new Iraq Commission is the UK's answer to the Iraq Study Group. The latter attempted to offer the Bush...
07 December 2006
It is often argued - by both Islamist fundamentalists and secularists - that Islam and democracy don’t mix. Yet...
06 December 2006
Islam has been the subject of considerable controversy. One of the accusations made against it is that it is inherently...
05 December 2006
Islam means peace. It came to elevate humankind onto a higher plain of being, with respect for diversity and the...
04 December 2006
Islam is one of the great Abrahamic religions of the world with over 1.3 billion followers. Islam - whilst the...