Ashik Shah is an active lay member of the Jain community. He was a founder of Young Jains of America, and is an active member of Young Jains in the UK. He has been in the fund management business for the last 15 years.

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18 January 2007
I pay homage to the Arihants (ones who have conquered their inner enemies)I pay homage to the Siddhas (Liberated Ones)I...
17 January 2007
“Your gaze is immersed in the nectar of serenity, imbibing it. The lotus-like face displays tranquility. You are free...
16 January 2007
Outline of Jain Beliefs What is it which prompts a prince, used to the best things in life, to abandon his material and...
15 January 2007
From the earliest age, I have always been curious, and used to wake my parents at 5am when I was 5 with questions about...