Antonia Quirke is an author and journalist. She is a presenter on The Film Programme and Pick of the Week (Radio 4) and Film 2015 and The One Show (BBC 1). She writes a column on radio for the New Statesman.

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TV and Radio
27 March 2008
In Kenneth Branagh's rendering of Cyrano de Bergerac (23 March, 8pm, Radio 3) the actor channelled his performance...
TV and Radio
19 March 2008
The vital thing to be said about Max Pemberton's Trust Me, I'm a (Junior) Doctor is that it is not what it claims to be...
13 March 2008
Radio 4's history of the most famous acronym in the world must never end. At the time of writing, we are two-thirds...
28 February 2008
It wasn't anything she'd planned on, but at the age of 36 Tania Glyde came to in a bath full of cold water and...
29 October 2001
"I was planning on being a director, but the showing of Easy Rider in Cannes changed my mind. While I was sitting there...