Antonia Quirke is an author and journalist. She is a presenter on The Film Programme and Pick of the Week (Radio 4) and Film 2015 and The One Show (BBC 1). She writes a column on radio for the New Statesman.

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TV and Radio
31 July 2010
Woman's HourRadio 4On Woman's Hour, the 22-year-old Scottish actress Karen Gillan - aka Doctor Who's controversially...
08 July 2010
You and Yours Radio 4On You and Yours (weekdays, noon) - just moments before Nick Clegg's website crashed under the...
TV and Radio
02 July 2010
Ten hours into Mahut v Isner at Wimbledon and all the commentators had long exhausted their chat. "We. Are. Seeing...
28 June 2010
Living on the edge
25 June 2010
Scott MillsRadio 1On Radio 1 Scott Mills was talking about privacy on the internet. "I've been investigating Aled...
TV and Radio
18 June 2010
Dermot O'LearyRadio 2On Radio 2, the American actress and singer Juliette Lewis was talking to Dermot O'Leary before a...
TV and Radio
04 June 2010
A Net Station, Snow Hill Island, Antarctica, has been transmitting a folk guitar solo for ten minutes straight. They...
TV and Radio
28 May 2010
JFK: the First Pop PresidentRadio 2A documentary about JFK (24 May, 10pm) rendered your reviewer awestruck at the...
21 May 2010
The Late Show - BBC Radio DerbyOn the Sony award-winning Radio Derby, the late-night DJ Rob Underwood was an hour into...
TV and Radio
13 May 2010
Book of the WeekRadio 4In Book of the Week (weekdays, 9.45am) - about the Restoration of Charles II - the historical...
TV and Radio
05 May 2010
The Name GameRadio 4A short documentary concerning the ease with which a person can change his or her name by deed poll...
TV and Radio
30 April 2010
A two-part Johnnie Walker interview with Neil Sedaka (19 and 26 April, 10pm) was the ultimate in genteel reminiscences...
23 April 2010
Great LivesRadio 4On Great Lives (20 April, 4.30pm), Matthew Parris was talking to the BBC's disability affairs...
16 April 2010
The Early Music ShowRadio 3The Early Music Show's fantastic two-parter on the birth of opera (10-11 April, 1pm) opened...
TV and Radio
02 April 2010
Midweek, Radio 4The thrill of the week was a three-minute radio slot that caused a direct surge in book sales beyond...