Anthony Painter is a political writer, commentator and researcher. His new book Left Without A Future? is published by Arcadia Books in November.

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29 January 2014
Not since a popular children’s toy was named after him and his face was chiselled into the side of Mount...
The Staggers
30 September 2013
Two-thirds of the way through party conference season (or is it three-quarters now we have a four party system?) and...
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22 March 2013
UKIP came from nowhere to finish second in the Eastleigh by-election. According to the latest Ipsos MORI poll, its...
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17 September 2012
Labour's supporters are now more liberal.
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11 July 2011
Most students of sociology or politics come across the work of Ralph Miliband. His basic theory is simple: a capitalist...
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17 May 2011
The next crash
17 November 2003
Inukai Tsuyoshi lay slumped over the bureau in his prime ministerial office. His argument with the young soldiers who...