12 September 2011
Moscow, December 25 1991: the Last Day of the Soviet Union Conor O'CleryBantam Press, 448pp, £25In early December 1991...
23 June 2011
The End of the West: the Once and Future Europe David MarquandPrinceton University Press, 224pp, £16.95What is the...
09 December 2010
Paternity is destinyI've been making a BBC Radio 4 documentary about political fathers, a chance to brood on paternal...
21 September 2010
The Tories had their jolly tearoom foghorn, Alan Clark. Labour has its more self-effacing, but equally telling, Boswell...
UK Politics
12 May 2010
It's all over: the festival of pledges, pratfalls, fumbles and fudges that constitutes a modern British election...
05 April 2010
To journalists charging around the world's trouble spots, trying to be in the right place at the right time, John...
15 February 2010
Fame and its irrational force is a riveting subject for modern Britain, and Alastair Campbell can claim more experience...
14 January 2010
Only the very prescient, or at least the very readable, can get away with publishing political essays years after they...
10 December 2009
Progressive Tories?
UK Politics
15 October 2009
The shadow culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, thinks what's wrong with the Beeb is that there are too few Conservatives...
02 July 2009
Anne McElvoy
28 May 2009
How often have we wished that an election would fall conveniently at a time when we most wish to take out ill-feeling...
29 January 2009
The London Evening Standard, for which I work, has a new Russian owner. There is some poetic justice in this for my...
UK Politics
23 October 2006
This is a rare example of a novelist attempting to describe the political process and finding in it a rich seam of...
13 June 2005
In all the statements by senior Conservatives about who should lead them and why, I do not recall one reflecting on...