28 December 2013
As long ago as 1952 the UN Commission on Human Rights condemned the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), and in...
07 April 2012
The Resurrection on trial.
The Staggers
03 December 2011
So, as reported, every school is to be sent a copy of the King James Bible. Quite right too, many believers will say:...
The Staggers
30 November 2011
Until science proves the origin of the very first cells, many will wheel out God as the default explanation. No-one...
25 July 2011
Read the believers' vox pops.Maryam Namazie Human rights activistI don't remember exactly when I stopped believing in...
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23 July 2011
Richard Dawkins, Steven Weinberg, Sam Harris, AC Grayling, Polly Toynbee ... I expect that most writers who have tried...
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16 June 2011
Ask most people what it is from Jesus's teachings that they remember and they'll probably say something about loving...
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20 April 2011
What better question can there be for the New Statesman to tackle in its God issue than that of God's very existence?...
20 April 2011
Why do you believe?