Andrew Harrop is general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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The Staggers
13 September 2012
This year’s US presidential election is a contest about the role of the state. Mitt Romney and his running-mate...
The Staggers
17 August 2012
This week’s employment statistics offered a rare piece of good news amid the economic gloom. Not for the first...
The Staggers
07 August 2012
Labour MPs can this morning bask in the glory of a fine tactical victory. The party's refusal to smooth the...
The Staggers
22 June 2012
Immigration played a key part in Labour’s defeat in 2010, becoming the frame through which many people...
18 March 2012
The Fabian Society tells George Osborne what it wants to hear in the 2012 Budget. George Osborne has to get real about...
The Staggers
10 January 2012
When FTSE directors awarded themselves an average pay rise of 49 per cent the die was cast. Even the Conservatives had...
The Staggers
22 December 2011
The bleak economic news of recent weeks seems to have created far more uncertainty within Labour ranks than on the...