Andrew Harrop is general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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The Staggers
18 March 2015
Not much pooling, and a great deal of risk.
The Staggers
16 January 2015
A new partnership.
The Staggers
21 November 2014
Battling over the Bill.
The Staggers
05 November 2014
Dropping support.
The Staggers
28 June 2014
The 12 policies the party needs for a popular and a radical manifesto.
The Staggers
14 May 2014
The party's focus should remain the same, but with much more ambition.
The Staggers
20 March 2014
Painful progress at risk.
The Staggers
18 March 2014
How Britain is faring poorly.
UK Politics
17 January 2014
There was plenty of politics in Ed Miliband’s speech this morning. The Labour leader has an election to win and...
06 December 2013
Yesterday, George Osborne’s neoconservative plans were laid bare. Hidden amid all the other numbers, the Treasury...
The Staggers
16 October 2013
Labour must make a fundamental choice; whether to broadly accept George Osborne’s fiscal plans or commit to...
The Staggers
30 September 2013
George Osborne’s speech did little to answer the question that is at the heart of the Tories’ plans for the...
The Staggers
23 September 2013
The case for investment.
The Staggers
01 July 2013
As with most spending rounds in recent history, George Osborne’s announcements last week were as much about...