Alice O'Keeffe is an award-winning journalist and former arts editor of the New Statesman. She now works as a freelance writer and looks after two young children. You can find her on Twitter as @AliceOKeeffe.

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UK Politics
01 January 2005
''We're so uncool, we're becoming cool," said Boris Johnson of the Conservatives, before Michael Howard took the...
01 November 2004
October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a huge, well-meaning PR machine has lurched into action. Armies of...
23 February 2004
Passions are high at Cook's Eel and Pie Shop in Newham, in the East End of London. "I don't understand why they keep...
26 January 2004
Jack Molloy never thought he would go to university. He left school with two low-grade A-levels. "I was sick of...
15 December 2003
New Year's Eve is fast approaching and those of a party-going persuasion are already applying themselves to that most...
24 November 2003
Granny O'Keeffe made a remarkable social ascent from her childhood in a Liverpool orphanage to retirement in a cosy...
10 November 2003
Britain has never been a nation at ease with sex. Our Victorian forebears couldn't look at the legs of a piano without...
World Affairs
27 October 2003
Shami Chakrabarti Age: 34 Director of Liberty, leading UK human rights and civil liberties organisation. Has held her...
South America
20 October 2003
If Matthew Scott, the British gap-year traveller kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas last month, hasn't yet sold the...