Alice O'Keeffe is an award-winning journalist and former arts editor of the New Statesman. She now works as a freelance writer and looks after two young children. You can find her on Twitter as @AliceOKeeffe.

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Cultural Capital
05 June 2014
Bohemian overkill.
04 April 2014
20 March 2014
However, Buddhist meditation comes in handy when you’re shafting your neighbours.
06 March 2014
A town where my fantasy of Georgian terrace and Ottolenghi expense account can finally intersect with Curly’s rural idyll.
20 February 2014
‘‘I am SO excited!” Larry’s face is glowing like a Belisha beacon. It’s only 7am and it...
06 February 2014
Is that what I want? Is it? Yes...
30 January 2014
As some bloke once said, I have a dream. My dream isn’t about all mankind walking hand in hand, or peace in the...
23 January 2014
Ambition sometimes rears its head.
16 January 2014
New Year celebrations in London. Photo: Getty. “Please pay £15.” I stare at the screen for a few...
19 December 2013
‘‘Could you tell us about your approach to the early-years curriculum?” asks a mother with a definite...
05 December 2013
‘‘Mummy.” “Yes?” “Why do I always have to have boy things?” During his...
04 December 2013
What about battery children?
The Staggers
28 November 2013
House prices and the squeezed middle
21 November 2013
It is a crystal clear autumn day and Larry, Moe and I are outside Westminster station. Before us, the gold trimmings on...