17 June 2010
One of the life skills a woman has to develop as she sails out of her twenties and into her middle years is the skill...
UK Politics
03 June 2010
Woman power
27 May 2010
In defence of Fergie
24 May 2010
Once in a lifetime, an event occurs, an event so rare, so significant, so truly reach-for-the-thesaurus, that one feels...
The Staggers
20 May 2010
Leadership bid
16 May 2010
As a brief respite from hearing Nick Clegg pro­test again that he was the real change, I popped off to Disneyland Paris...
05 May 2010
I have a good friend who is the chairman of West Sussex County Council. He's a charming and slightly eccentric...
01 May 2010
An election might be taking place elsewhere in the country, but down here the big news is traffic wardens. We had a...
25 April 2010
It is always wise to approach with caution the subject of Mumsnet. Journalists who fall foul of the collective wisdom...
19 April 2010
There is something about hen parties that repels me. I was at Girona Airport near Barcelona two weeks ago. In the...
06 April 2010
The younger students are much more hi-tech than we older ones. They move easily around PowerPoint and multicoloured...
28 March 2010
There is a cast of characters I carry around in my head. There is Anna, an addict, heavily made up, in her flat empty...
21 March 2010
I have always considered health clubs with deep suspicion. It comes, I think, from living in London for most of my life...
15 March 2010
It's a funny thing to worry about a statistics assignment after 20 years of writing columns for national newspapers....