Cultural Capital
30 April 2014
But apologies can heal rifts.
16 December 2013
I have a fictional character, Isabel Dalhousie, who is the editor of a review of applied ethics. She leads a fairly...
19 September 2013
No one exists alone.
04 August 2013
For such a large area of Scotland – and 250 square miles is a lot of land by British standards – the...
Art and Design
01 August 2013
The tale of a tapestry.
19 December 2012
1. There has been a great deal of discussion about the order of these men. One way of approaching the issue is to...
03 April 2012
1 This is the story of a friendship. It takes place over a number of years, starting when the two people involved...
07 July 2011
MondayEdinburgh lies at 55 degrees north. That means that in the summer, it is barely dark at midnight and dawn comes...
27 April 2011
1 If there is one rule that authors should observe above all others, it is this: keep out of the story. Of...