29 May 2013
A cultural renaissance in Siberia.
Financial services
03 October 2012
The rise and fall of investment banking.
25 July 2012
Alex Preston urges bankers to look up at the buildings they built.
13 June 2012
Finding a space to think.
06 June 2012
The Girl Who Fell from the Sky Simon Mawer Little, Brown, 320pp, £16.99 Simon Mawer’s first novel...
16 January 2012
In Athens, Alex Preston meets a new generation desperate for change. In early December, I went with the author James...
07 November 2011
Scenes from Provincial Life J M CoetzeeHarvill Secker, 496pp, £20David Shields's lightweight diatribe against the novel...
17 October 2011
Whenever I'm a panellist on the BBC's Review Show, I get a slightly eerie feeling as the lights come up and Kirsty Wark...
06 October 2011
The Fear Index Robert HarrisHutchinson, 336pp, £18.99In The Ghost, Robert Harris's thinly veiled evisceration of a...
02 September 2011
The new gold rush
International Politics
15 August 2011
During the stock-market panic of autumn 2008, we lived for the weekends. We were renting a cottage near Banbury in...
25 July 2011
The Lovers Vendela VidaAtlantic Books, 240pp, £14.99The Lovers is the final book in a trilogy that the author claims is...
18 July 2011
News Corporation's key investors are - for the moment - standing behind Rupert Murdoch. Kingdom Holding Company, the...
23 June 2011
The fate of the Southern Cross care homes group hangs in the balance. With 3,000 job cuts already announced and...
09 June 2011
There are many ways to make a lot of money in the City, but the one that we all dreamed of, the one that kept us at our...