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20 June 2013
Bank of England governor's first day.
Markets and Currency
15 June 2013
Money by Felix Martin.
25 January 2010
The biggest debate in British politics in 2010 will be how to cut the size of government. With annual borrowing heading...
UK Politics
10 September 2009
A year ago, as the "Great Panic" was reaching its peak, Gordon Brown cast around desperately for someone to...
06 August 2009
The fat cats return
16 July 2009
The warrior King
21 May 2009
When Gordon Brown was confronted with the run on Northern Rock in September 2007, he did everything in his power to...
UK Politics
23 April 2009
The gathering of Barclays investors at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster on 23 April was...
UK Politics
16 April 2009
Alistair Darling has been Chancellor for less than two years. Yet, in conversation, he is able to let drop an unusual...
12 February 2009
This month, four colleagues and myself were summoned before John McFall's Treasury select committee at the Commons to...
22 January 2009
When the normally elusive, patrician John Varley, ­Barclays’ chief executive, turned up on Channel 4 News a week ago,...
04 December 2008
Traditionally it is the days and weeks after Christmas that are the most terrifying for retailers. The final quarter of...
23 October 2008
A year ago I attended an informal briefing in Washington by a senior British policymaker who lamented the passing of...
25 September 2008
Every few months an invitation arrives on my desk to a meet a member of the shadow cabinet at an event organised by the...
UK Politics
18 September 2008
You would have been hard-pressed to hear the words "Northern Rock" at last year's Labour conference in Bournemouth. It...