Alastair Harper is Head of Politics for Green Alliance UK

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The Staggers
09 September 2014
Goodbye to a golden age.
Business blog
19 March 2013
The real value of the projects we should be starting now will be measured over decades.
Business blog
13 December 2012
Our cities are the R&D facility for the country. From 4G rollout to community energy, they let us experiment with...
The Staggers
16 November 2012
Change is always tricky, but it's far from impossible.
15 September 2012
There is a sector where our economy is not dying, but flying. Somewhere that the UK continues to dominate the global...
Economics blog
21 May 2012
The government should show off its green policies
30 January 2012
Being green is nice. It is a Good Thing - it means respecting and looking after our landscapes, keeping our air clean,...
UK Politics
16 July 2009
In politics, as in so many walks of life, it takes only a few people to misbehave to spoil it for everyone. So have...
UK Politics
07 May 2009
On 30 April, having neatly folded his black tights, popped his white frills in the wash, spit-polished his gold chain...