Cultural Capital
13 October 2014
On baldness.
18 July 2013
What Makes Us Human?
23 February 2012
James Miller is an academic who has become dissatisfied with the way that philosophy is taught in universities. Like...
14 April 2011
Modern society is notably sociable in temper. Hermits have long been out of fashion. When guidebooks wish to praise a...
19 July 2010
The atheist religion
26 March 2009
If a Martian came to earth and tried to understand what human beings do from just reading most literature published...
01 May 2006
I've spent the past couple of years visiting building sites. I've worn a hard hat, operated a cement mixer, painted...
01 January 2005
If you go into any large American bookshop and study the contents of the self-help shelves, you are likely to be able...
08 March 2004
I remember at university once reading an essay by George Orwell in which he said that after the age of 21 (I was 20 at...
23 September 2002
Aside from love, few activities seem to promise us as much happiness as travelling: taking off for somewhere else,...
30 April 2001
You might have thought you'd heard every possible story about the filming of Bridget Jones's Diary, but I'm afraid I...
29 November 1999
However multicultural this country is supposed to have become in recent years, it remains sad but inescapable that if...
23 August 1999
Amazing though it may sound to anyone who does it for a living, writing books continues to be thought of as a glamorous...
11 December 1998
From a distance, few areas of knowledge seem more enticing or more profound than philosophy. In a secular age,...