Adam is a worship leader at New River Church, Islington, a non-denominational, charismatic Christian church of about 40 people. He has a degree in physics, a PhD in neuroimaging and is a member of the electro-indie rock band Personal Space Invaders.

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19 July 2007
It is difficult to discuss prayer without also mentioning "sin". This word conjures up all sorts of reactions when...
18 July 2007
No matter how much Christians might wish it were otherwise, all Christian communities are imperfect. All over the world...
17 July 2007
I believe that we all have idols which we worship - knowledge, success, wealth, power, fame, relationships, alcohol,...
16 July 2007
I have no memory of my baptism as an infant, when my parents and godparents renounced evil on my behalf, repented of...