Cultural Capital
09 July 2015
Another brick in the wall.
29 November 2006
Espionage novels set in the Second World War usually unfold across Paris and Berlin, Moscow or Lisbon. William Boyd's...
16 October 2006
Every novel should be a journey, and Visibility is an engrossing trip back in time. This evocative thriller is set in...
11 September 2006
Every war has its legendary hotel. Those of us on the Yugoslav beat chose the Esplanade in Zagreb. Its fin de siècle...
UK Politics
15 May 2006
Whatever his troubles at home, Tony Blair may console himself that there is still one corner of a foreign field that is...
27 March 2006
The Balkans are back in the news. The mysterious, lonely death of Slobodan Milosevic in his cell at the UN detention...
27 February 2006
It must be the quality of the light in Budapest that has produced so many exceptional Hungarian photographers. Three of...