09 June 2011
The wonder of Dante
UK Politics
09 July 2009
In the sublime novel The Blue Flower, Penelope Fitzgerald evokes how the news of the French Revolution in 1793 reached...
Music and Performance
02 April 2009
  By nature a doubting Thomas, I should have distrusted the symptoms when I underwent a "conversion...
18 August 2003
Joseph Paxton, the subject of Kate Colquhoun's excellent first book, is the genius gardener and self-taught engineer at...
13 January 2003
Much of this novel takes place on the road. Bob Dollar is an unlikely scout for a big multi-national company, Global...
24 September 2001
Mary Lovell, who wrote an absolutely superb book about the Burtons (the Victorian Arabist and his wife, rather than the...
05 February 1999
We've been agonising for some time about whether to have Percy baptised. It is difficult to subscribe to the old...