Alison Garnham is chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group

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30 April 2015
"Could do better" would be a kind estimate.
The Staggers
19 March 2015
See no poverty, hear no poverty.
The Staggers
20 October 2014
Necessary but regrettable.
The Staggers
01 July 2014
Analysing the child poverty stats.
21 January 2014
International evidence shows that pre-distribution can never be the whole answer.
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12 September 2013
The government could be making a serious political blunder if it believes that talking tough on 'welfare' is...
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20 August 2013
The dog days are upon us and like most parents, I’m scrabbling around for childcare and searching for affordable...
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27 June 2013
Big or small, the Chancellor’s spending review announcements on social security were anything but fair. Take the...
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15 May 2013
Are investments in services a better way of reducing child poverty than benefits that support income? ‘Yes...
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08 January 2013
Internal Treasury documents do not make for a thrilling bedtime read but a flick last night through the government...
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06 December 2012
For a Chancellor who prefaced his Autumn Statement with a declaration that he was "on the side of these who want...