Kamila Kocialkowska is a freelance journalist based in London.



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12 November 2012
Now in its fourteenth year, the Guardian first book award has recently announced its shortlist, with a winner due to be...
08 November 2012
"If someone painted the Mona Lisa on the side of your building, it's irrelevant if its great art, what matters...
05 November 2012
Cambridge University Museums have recently announced a major new initiative which it hopes can revive contemporary...
Music and Performance
02 November 2012
In early 2012, Joe Newman’s father had been so confident in the quality of his son’s band that he tried to...
01 November 2012
Once again, the luddites are being left behind. If you are the sort of person who associates the term ‘browser...
31 October 2012
To sell or not to sell? It’s a question faced by all cult classics at one point or another. Yet, Star Wars fans...
Cultural Capital
30 October 2012
When Unesco described the Great Mosque of Aleppo as "one of the most beautiful mosques in the Muslim world",...
30 October 2012
Coffee chain expands with its first stores in India.
30 October 2012
The former poet laureate, Cecil Day-Lewis has had his written archives donated to the Bodleian library at Oxford...
29 October 2012
The Catholic Church is set to embark upon a new engagement with contemporary art, after confirming that the Vatican...